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Invasive Weeds
What Harm Can Invasive Weeds Cause?





Invasive weeds cost the Unites States $123 billion annually! In the U.S. Department of the Interior report, President Clinton's budget for fiscal year 2000, proposes and increase of $12.8 million in funding for the Department of the Interior to combat invasive species.

Invasive weeds reduce wildlife habitat by forcing native grasses and other plants that protect. These different and varied plants are often intruded or encroached upon by a single species, like leafy spurge. Leafy spurge is a very aggressive invasive weed and costs North Dakota about $75 million a year in damages due to lost livestock and agricultural production. Leafy spurge as a single species can overtake a rangeland or cropland.
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Cornell University estimates costs to the United States to run over $138 billion each year for invasive species. In Cornell's report they are including not just plants, but animals and aquatic organisms as well. Cornell estimates that over the past 200 years, that several thousand different plant and animal types have become established in the United States and of those about one in seven have become an invasive species. This leads to the problem or economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.