Belzer Durum

 Yield (Bu/A) of Belzer durum at 5 locations in 1995-1997.

Variety Carrington Dickinson Langdon Minot Williston Average
Belzer 35.1 48.3 43.4 20.9 36.4 36.8
Renville 29.9 48.8 44.6 21.8 34.8 36.0
Monroe 27.4 42.4 38.6 17.5 29.6 31.1

Belzer durum wheat was released from the North Dakota Agriculture Experiment Station in 1997.

Belzer was released primarily because it has a higher level of tolerance to scab than do other currently grown durum varieties. Under favorable growing conditions durum varieties like Ben and Renville will out yield Belzer and will have a 2 to 3 pound higher test weight/bushel. When scab is present, Belzer will typically yield as well or better than most varieties and will have a higher test weight. Belzer has been rated as having good qauality.

Belzer was named after Terry Belzer of Cando North Dakota to recognize his supportive efforts for the wheat breeding programs at NDSU.

Application has been made for Plant Variety Protection (PVP) under Title V and can be sold only as a class of certified seed.


Agronomic Characteristics

Variety Test Wt (lb/Bu) Plant Ht(in) Days to Head Scab Res.* Straw Strength Foliar Disease Kernel Size Quality Rank**
Belzer 55 27 55 MR Med Med Large 4
Renville 57 28 54 S Med Med Med 4
Monroe 57 25 51 VS Med Med Large 4

* MR = Moderately Resistant ** Quality Rankings: 1 = Very poor quality   3 = Average quality

       S = Susceptible                                                2 = Poor quality           4 = Good quality

     VS = Very Susceptible