Alkabo Durum

Alkabo was developed by the NDSU Durum Breeding Program and released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in 2005.  The direct parentage of Alkabo includes two NDSU experimental lines.  Alkabo durum is named for the small northwestern North Dakota town of Alkabo.  Alkabo is well-adapted to the entire durum producing region of North Dakota, but seems to perform especially well in the Williston area.

Alkabo has shown excellent yield potential in NDSU yield trials.  Alkabo has a very large kernel, similar to that of the variety Ben.  Alkabo also has very strong straw.

Alkabo has been given an overall quality rating of 'Good' by the NDSU Cereal Chemists.  The overall quality rating is based on agronomic, milling, and spaghetti processing performance.

To help ensure genetic purity, 'Alkabo' Durum will be protected under PVPA Title V and must be sold as a class of certified seed.


Alkabo General Characteristics


Grain yield of Alkabo and other durum varieties grown in NDSU variety trials at several sites in North Dakota, 2002-2005.

Variety Carrington Langdon Minot1 Dickinson Hettinger Williston
Alkabo 58.4 78.3 71.6 45.3 39.2 49.3
Divide 64.5 78.0 83.3 45.9 39.2 49.3
Grenora 62.4 79.0 84.4 47.2 42.3 48.3
Pierce 59.2 73.3 84.5 46.2 37.7 45.7
Mountrail 61.2 76.4 75.8 45.6 42.1 46.5
Lebsock 61.1 74.5 73.4 44.4 40.8 47.4
Ben 58.6 71.4 74.9 44.0 40.1 45.4

1Minot data includes 2005 only

Agronomic traits of Alkabo and other durum varieties in the NDSU variety trials, 2002-2005.


Grain Yield1

Test Weight2




Straw Strength3





Alkabo 57.2 58.6 15.5 Medium Medium Very Strong MS R R M
Divide 60.0 58.1 16.0 Medium Medium Strong MR R R M
Grenora 60.6 57.3 15.7 Medium Medium Strong MS R R M
Pierce 57.8 58.4 16.0 Medium Medium Med. Strong MS R R MS
Mountrail 57.9 57.0 16.0 Medium Late Strong MS R R M
Lebsock 56.9 59.1 15.6 Medium Medium Strong MS R R M
Ben 55.7 58.1 16.2 Medium Medium Strong MS R R MR

1Carrington, Langdon, Dickinson, Hettinger and Williston, 2002-2005; Minot, 2005
2Carrington, Minot, Williston, Dickinson and Hettinger, 2005
32005 variety descriptions provided by NDSU scientists based on several years of testing.
4R = Resistant, MR = Moderately resistant (slow rusters), M = intermediate, MS = Moderately susceptible, S = Susceptible, VS = Very susceptible; Foliar Disease = reaction to tan spot and septoria leaf spot complex.


For more information about Alkabo and other durum varieties visit or contact the NDSU durum breeder or small grains agronomist at 701-231-7973.