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Heifer Growth & Development
  1. Professional Dairy Heifer Growers Association
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Heifer Growth and Development

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Calf and Heifer Managment Links:

Calves with Sam: On Farm Basics of Calf Nutrition. 14 minute video by Sam Ledley. DVM Attica, NY. Prepared for DairyCo, United Kingdom.

Dehorning calves poster in both English and Spanish to assist dairy employees in the use of dehorning paste developed by Aurora Villarroel, Extension veterinarian with Oregon State University. Download the poster at:

Calf & Heifer Research Track archive from Dairy Herd Management is an archive of calf and heifer research with the latest research on the care and management of calves and heifers — all organized by topic for ease of use.To access the archive, go to the Calf & Heifer Resource Center.

Calf Calf Notes for pertinent, non-commercial and unbiased information on raising young dairy calves by Dr. Jim Quigley.

Feeding and Management of the Dairy Calf: Birth to 6 months Animal and Dairy Science, Auburn University, Alabama.

New Mexical State University Feeding Waste Milk to Dairy Calves.

Center for Dairy Profitablity University of Wisconsin, Madison software and decision-making tools.

Oklahoma State University virtual library for dairy production.

Dairy - Calves and Replacements Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Pat Hoffmans's Replacement heifer management publications University of Wisconsin, Extension Service.

Penn State University links to the Dairy and Animal Science resources of dairy production including series of revised heifer growth spreadsheets, the Team Dairy homepage, and the Dairy Alliance to enhance the economic development of the Pennsylvania dairy industry.

Purdue University Extension materials on-line.

U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center of multidisciplinary research related to the production and utilization of forages.

Raising Dairy Replacements Univeristy of Georgia

University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Serivce information central of related publications including Dairy-L listserv, Maryland Dairy Decision Support Software Library and U.S. National Dairy Database.

Building and Managing Super Calf Hutches University of Minnesota.

University of Nebraska index of dairy references

South Dakota State University Feeding and Managing Dairy Calves

VirginiaTech Department of Dairy Science internet resources.

Heifer Contracting

Custom Heifer Raising Contracts compiled by Dr. Hugh Chester-Jones, Southern Research and Outreach Center, Waseca. University of Minnesota


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